Article excerpt:
Reader's Digest interview with
Frank Hanna

By Arthur C. Brooks
From Reader's Digest - April 2009


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I feel we're responsible for our brothers and sisters. I don't like it when the
government takes over this role. It can end up usurping an act of love with an act
of compelled humanitarianism, which is not humanitarian at all.

We acknowledge that the gifts in our possession aren't solely for our own use,
whether they're money, talent, energy, or affection. We're able to shift from
"What's in it for me?" to "What can I do for others?"

To me, the term public service is hazardous. It implies that those not working in
public service aren't furthering the common good. Not true, people who develop
more efficient ways of growing food and then sell it, for example, benefit the
world enormously, even if they make money doing so. The government didn't
give us the telephone, modern agriculture, or vaccines. Private enterprise did. Amen!