By: Anonymous AFL-CIO member

How labor unions have destroyed our economy



The first organization in the United States that started bargaining with employers to improve conditions and wages for workers is purported to be The Nights of Labor Established in 1869. It was not well organized and in lost its members as better organization took over.

Labor unions infer that they had a hand in getting rid of the sweat shops in 1820s.

Labor unions had a purpose that was good for this country and our economy by a creating a condition where employees in manufacturing got their fair share of wealth from their employer.

Then labor unions started damaging the economy and the general wealth of our country by insisting companies that were making a profit needed to use that profit to increase the income of their employees. With higher and higher wages and benefits that companies no longer have the money on hand to improve their manufacturing facilities.

Now, in order to improve their facilities they had to borrow the money and pay interest on it. That also increased their costs. Not only did their costs increase, if the improvements would eliminate any employees, the unions would not let them make the improvements.

The end result: employers not being able to modernize their facilities and the higher wages and benefits paid to their employees they lost their competitive age in a world market and now the United States buys most of its manufactured goods from other nations. And these employees are no longer working.

The unions after taking over manufacturing started expanding into the service industries also. This worked okay as long as there was manufacturing going on in the United States because the people in manufacturing who needed to buy service work could afford it.

As union employers started closing the doors unions started losing membership, due to employees not having their jobs. They started looking elsewhere for union members. They turned and looking at government found a gold mine, millions of perspective new members all paying their dues to the unions. If we get them join unions we can continue to live our lavish lifestyles. The elected officials well give in easily to our demands knowing that the more money they give their workers and blame the unions the more the taxpayers will have to pay them to keep their pay higher than their workers pay the only people it hurts are the poor people who have to pay the taxes.

Now not only have most of our private industry with union contracts not making money, our government's are going broke also, and all they can think of is raising taxes or laying off public safety workers.

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