By: Mitch Epperly

Don't Raise The Debt Ceiling




This was on the front page of The Fresno Bee, on Sunday, July 10, 2011.

This is wasted money.

This is a project that America does not need. We should not be spending this kind of money, especially when our state and federal governments are going deeper and deeper into debt.

This project not only is spending money we don't have, if it is built it, well add a tremendous burden to the taxpayers down the road. It will be just like most other government projects, day after day they require more and more tax dollars to keep running.

America was built into a great nation with private investors lining up to finance projects. If these projects were a viable, there would be no need to spend taxpayer money on them.

When is America going to wakeup to the fact that government does not have the ability to bring progress to this nation? All the real progress in The United States of America has came from private industry.

If our government would quit getting in the way of private enterprise, stop forcing projects that can only exist by continued government funding down our throats. We would be on our way to the nation we once were.


The Gravina Island Bridge commonly referred to as the "Bridge to Nowhere". Gravina Island has 50 residents and The Ketchikan Airport. The airport was built knowing a ferry connects the town of Ketchikan, Alaska, with Gravina Island.

The project encountered fierce opposition outside of Alaska as a symbol of pork barrel spending. As a result, Congress removed the federal earmark for the bridge in 2005. As of Mar 2nd, 2011 in the passing of H.R. 662: Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2011, funding for the "Bridge to Nowhere" has now continued.

We can only wonder how many more projects like these there are?

If the debt ceiling is not raised, our elected leaders can do what we truly send them into office to do. They can stop looking for ways to spend time looking for places to cut.

We need a balanced budget now, not in 10 years down the road we need it right now. Our current leaders have no way to control what happens 10 years from now. We need them to act right now and get our budget balanced now, including reducing the debt, starting tomorrow. Right now is the time to stop: "I only inherited this mess."

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